lördag, maj 19, 2007

ThoughtWorks, Mingle, RubyWorks and JRuby

So this is something that's been brewing for a while now, and it's all very exciting and was announced this morning at the keynote by Cyndi Mitchell. The relevant points are Mingle (which I've talked some about already), RubyWorks which is an umbrella for the things the enterprise needs to make Ruby viable. The first product out of RubyWorks is an installable package which gives you the deployment story basically for free. It's quite awesame and ThoughtWorks will offer 24/7 support for it from June.

For me personally, the most important part is that ThoughtWorks will also offer JRuby support 24/7 from June. That's right, 24/7 JRuby support. Wow. ThoughtWorks does believe in JRuby, they think it's something really important, and we want everything to get this.

Find out more at http://rubyworks.thoughtworks.com.

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