torsdag, maj 10, 2007

JavaOne day 2

So, my day didn't start out with the Oracle general session, which I'm quite happy with in retrospect. Instead the first talk I saw was "Quick and Easy Profiling with Integrated Tools", about NetBeans profiling support. Very useful stuff, actually, and 6.0 can do some amazing things.

After that, it was time for a packed Josh Bloch's Effect Java Reloaded, except it wasn't really reloaded that much yet. I was a little bit disappointed, since most of the stuff was the same as last year. Some parts about the Builder pattern, much info about do's and don'ts with generics (much of it having to do with type parameters and wildcards). The TypeRef pattern was interesting, but not something I will find very much use of, I think.

After lunch a went to a presentation which I really thought would give me something. "Ruby on Rails Meets the World of Enterprise Applications". Now, I really hoped this would include some information on the Enterprise problem with regard to Rails. I was very disappointed. The talk was basically about a 3-week application written in Rails that connected to SAP. So the enterprise in question was there because of SAP. That said, the presenter was good, it was just not the subject I had wished for. And by the way, what does this presentation do on JavaOne?

After that, I spent some time looking at Mingle issues with Jon. I decided to go to the upper Haights' area to shop, and then get back to my hotel room for some programming. As it turned out, I really didn't go to any more sessions yesterday. After programming, I went to a Swedish Java User Group meeting here (and what a turnout! it seems like there's over 200 Swedes at JavaOne this year.)

The plan was to get back to the BOF's after that point; there was especially one I really didn't want to miss (the Dynamic Languages BOF with Frank Cohen). But, I happened to get invited to the Google party, so I spent the rest of the evening there, meeting lots of interesting people. It was great fun.

And now I'm about to go in and see Charles and Tom do the JRuby on Rails presentation. More information later.

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