torsdag, maj 10, 2007

The RedMonk unconference at CommunityOne

So, as you know, RedMonk arranged an unconference at JavaOne/CommunityOne this year. I couldn't attend all sessions, but among the ones done were one about dynamic languages, and we got some really good discussions going. We haven't really finished those discussions yet, though, and it seems we will take it onto a mailing list, but it was a very good environment to start out.

I really hope RedMonk will be able to do this next year too. More info about it can be found here:

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Anonym sa...

thanks so much for attending, Ola, and happy to hear you got something out of the sessions you were able to make.

it's the participation of folks like you that make days like that possible.

we certainly hope that we're back next year to reprise this year's event.