lördag, maj 05, 2007

San Francisco and Portland

Tomorrow morning I'll leave Stockholm for San Francisco. I'll be arriving 5:ish PM at SFO and will stay at the Handlery Union Square Hotel. I will not present at either JavaOne or RailsConf, though, so I will have a fair amount of time for fun stuff. I will attend the RedMonk unconference at CommunityOne, participate in the DynLang event, and then attend regular JavaOne. If you see me (I'll be wearing my black hat...), please say hi!

Next Saturday me and my coworkers will move out of SF and take a car to Portland, where we plan to arrive on the following Tuesday or Wednesday, just in time for RailsConf. We leave from Portland early Monday after the conference.

Hope to see many of you there! It will be exciting, that's for sure. I will also try to report as much as possible from all events.

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