fredag, maj 11, 2007

JavaOne day 3

The third day of the conference started slow, due to my being dead tired from the day before. But I still managed to get to Charles and Tom's JRuby on Rails presentation. Obviously, this was a very good presentation and JRuby is very important. But you know all that, already, don't you?

I then went on to a session giving a technical overview over GlassFish v2. Now, this seemed interesting, but wasn't really so. There was some nice information about how clustering should be setup so you don't lose to much data if you have more than one instance on the same machine, but other than that... Nah.

After lunch, I went to the Advanced Groovy talk, expecting to see cool overridings of the MetaObjectProtocol, or how to implement your own AST shufflers. But no. What we instead got was some tidbits here and there, and explanation of how to add new methods to existing Java objects (and this is really gross, you have to wrap the usage of these methods in a block, and the methods are defined on a new class as static methods...) Anyway, on to the demos. I got a real feeling of Deja Vu, since I had seen this exact same demo last year... XMLRPC communication between two Groovy instances, then ActiveX usage of Excel, combining it with Swing. So, yeah. As someone else said "It's a really great Excel demo, but what has that got to do with Groovy?".

Next, I took it easy for a while, walked around and did some programming. Finally, it was time for Tor's and Martin's talk about Ruby Tooling in NetBeans. And boy, it was an outstanding talk if you're interested in compilers, type inference, the challenges of dynamic languages and other stuff like that. I loved it, but I think most of it went over the head of most people in the audience.

Then I was of to the Sun Certified Professionals party which is always nice. I met some cool people and Lars won good swag by being smart really fast. Good for him!

The After Dark bash was quite allright, but nothing extraordinary. And it got really tasteless when the showgirl in metal corselet came onto stage with a grinder, which she turned on herself, making sparks fly all over the place.

After that, we went to the JRubME talk, about JRuby on Symbian and Java ME. A great talk and a great project. In fact, it's really really cool, and if you're interested in ME, you should download the source and start hacking a way on it! The project needs contributors.

We went back to the After Dark bash finally, took some more beer, and then decided to move on. The quest was for Aquavit, and someone thought that the Starlight Room would be a good place for this, so we headed there just to find out they didn't have either Aquavit nor any good scotch. Oh well, it was fun anyway, and the view was fantastic. Characteristically, me, Tom and Charles got into a real interesting discussion about the subjectivity of self presentation, and representation of knowledge in terms of probabilities and deltas from ideal knowledge, and how this applies to onthologies. Neat stuff. But maybe the dance floor wasn't the best place to have this loud discussion...

After that we settled down and decided it would be fun to have a JRuby summit in Minnesota! So, we'll see if that is possible... Then I crawled home to my hotel. My feet are killing me today, but there are some really interesting presentations, so I've gotta go.

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Alexis MP sa...

Sorry to hear you were disappointed with the GlassFish talk. Version 2 is really about Clustering, but it also has a lot of new smaller features.

Also, the preview of version 3 has some nice modularity and what we believe is better support for JRuby on Rails. See this for instance.