torsdag, januari 03, 2008

Sweden visit

I will be coming to Sweden on Sunday, and I will stay a full 4 weeks. So if anyone feels like grabbing a beer and talking about anything remotely geeky, I'm up for it. Ping me or leave a comment on this post. I'll mostly be in Stockholm, but some time will be spent in Gothenburg too.

4 kommentarer:

Lars Westergren sa...

I'm definitely for a beer, or some veg food like we talked about before. ALso a "goodbye Kimkat" party.

Henrik sa...

Yes, on friday on the "usual" KIMKAT-place... ;-) You're welcome!

Mats Henricson sa...

I might be interested too. Where, when?

Anonym sa...

Your blog is great! Very informative! We will be sure to link to you!

Judy and Harold