torsdag, januari 03, 2008

Scala testing with specs

So. The story about unit testing is over for now. I will use specs. Eric made an incredible job and got the JUnit support working with JUnit 4 too very quickly. Today I reintegrated it, and everything works fine.

So, if you want working Ant integration for your Scala testing, I recommend specs.

Of course, this still doesn't explain while all the other alternatives failed so miserably. Hopefully there will be a bit more testing in the community soon. Testing frameworks need competition to evolve well.

It's funny. One of the points to my original post about Scala unit testing was this quote: "Now some lovely Ruby people are looking at Scala, and the very first thing they must do (of course) is write the sacred unit tests:".

I'm not sure about you, but I would say that that's a good statement about Ruby people in general, if that's the way people view us. =)

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