måndag, november 13, 2006

Speakings this and next week

Just a quick notice. I will be talking this wednesday at a Rails group in Stockholm. The subject will (for once) not be about JRuby, at least not primarily. Instead I will talk about an application called LPW, which is interesting since it doesn't use a database as the main data feed, but a bunch of Web Services that are implemented by a third party and deployed with EJB's in Axis. I had all kinds of challenges, but in the end the result became very good. I will talk a little about what you can expect when trying to interface with Java in this way, and good tricks on how to handle an alternative to ActiveRecord as model.

I've written a bit about LPW sometime this summer, if anyone is interested.

Next week is the JavaForum meet up in Stockholm, and I will speak after Rob Harrop. The subject is JRuby and the day is Tuesday. As far as I know, the meet up is full.

The presentation will be pretty standard JRuby fare for Java developers.

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