måndag, november 13, 2006

Further OpenSSL progress

Sometimes it feels like the progress I've done with the OpenSSL library is almost swallowed up by all the new functions I've found that needs to be implemented. It's an uphill battle.

implementation doesn't handle the But, I'm happy to say that the latest digression is finished. I have successfully implemented the X509_STORE-family of functions plus all dependencies. In the end I had to create a wrapper for X509Certificate and my own PEM-reader and PEM-writer, since BouncyCastle'sOpenSSL specific aux trust information that can be appended to these certificates.

But anyway, that means there is a Java implementation of X509_STORE, X509_STORE_CTX, X509_VERIFY_PARAM, X509_LOOKUP, X509_LOOKUP_METHOD, X509_TRUST, X509_PURPOSE and a whole slew of others too. About the only thing I didn't implement was X509_POLICY_TREE. That was just too much. I'll tackle that hurdle if it seems Ruby needs it.

So, what is the status then? Coming in at almost 10 000 lines of code there is only three real parts left to do. Or, three parts left that have MRI test cases, I should say. Since there are quite a few files not tested in the MRI implementation. Like DH keys. Wow. But I ignore that for now. The current goal is the OpenSSL::X509::Store-family, the OpenSSL::PKCS7-family, and the SSL-stuff, the rest of the way. So, wish me luck.

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murphee sa...

Respect for this mammoth job!
I hope you can return to more fun things soon!