fredag, november 17, 2006

Some notes from the Stockholm Rails meet

Last night (Wednesday) about 35 developers with an unhealthy interest in Rails met up in Stockholm, at Valtech's offices, to share some experiences and talk shop.

It was very interesting and fun to meet people I can relate to. We ended up talking programming languages for a few hours after the main event ended.

Peter Marklund did a presentation on a CRM system in Rails, and Christian and Albert from Adocca talked about caching, and handling a Rails application that needs to scale into the millions. Nice stuff.

Last, I did an improvised presentation on LPW, a small Rails application that is fed its main data through Web Services instead of ActiveRecord. I believe it went fairly well, even though I had no slides and almost no preparation... =)

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Dr Nic sa...

Glad that the "presentation meetings" versus "pub meetings" has prevailed in Stockholm :) [I was in Stockholm earlier in the year].

I may be back in the land of snow and darkness in Feb, so it'll be great to see what Sweden's finest have been upto.