söndag, november 19, 2006

JRuby presence at JavaOne 2007

The call for papers went out two days ago, and we already have several good proposals in line that will be submitted to JavaOne. Hopefully we will get many interesting talks this year. As far as I know, there are at least 5 JRuby-specific proposals submitted, and there will hopefully be more.

I am sending in two different proposals this year, one about JRubyEE (it's called "Agile Enterprise Development with JRuby"). That will be interesting to do and I really believe there is much for Java enterprise development to use in JRuby.

The second proposal is for a BOF about several JVM languages called "Lambda on the JVM: JRuby, Jython and Lisp". I'll talk about how to utilize different JVM alternative languages to do interesting and useful things. Since this is my venue, I will specialize on languages that are derived from Lisp (implicitly or explicitly). (I include both Ruby and Python in this category).

Hopefully at least one of the proposals will get through.

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protoscript sa...

Lambda on the JVM sounds awesome. Even if your proposal is not accepted, I'd love to see any materials you have aon this.

Thanks for the great blog.