söndag, mars 18, 2007

Rails meet in Stockholm

And it's time again for a Rails meetup in Stockholm, at Valtech. This Tuesday (20th) 6pm at Valtechs offices. It is usually very interesting and neat to meet other people involved in Rails and Ruby here in Stockholm, and it's usually very nice, all around.

I will have a short presentation on the new features in JRuby 0.9.8. I will provide a fast intro to JRuby, but this is not the introductionary presentation; I will also try a somewhat different presentation technique, so it is sure to be interesting. At least for me... =)

Show up! It's worth it. You need to reserve a place, though, which can be done at http://www.rails.se/rails/show/Railstr%C3%A4ff+20+Mars+2007

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Scott Fleckenstein sa...

Good to here you are going to be coming to San Francisco!

When you get into town, you've got a night of drinks on me for all the awesome JRuby work you've given to the world.