onsdag, mars 21, 2007

Post Rails meetup

Last evening was very nice. We usually have a good time at the Rails meetups, hosted by Valtech. Yesterday it started out with Dr Nic William, who spoke about some metaprogramming techniques. Very neat, and the best part was his Magic Wiggly Lines. I'm not sure if it's genius or mental. But it's cool, at least; it's basically a const_missing hook, which makes it possible to use class names even if you spell them wrong. Hehe.

After that I spoke about new JRuby thing. I have a cold, so I took it pretty easy, and it was very free form with questions. There was many interesting questions, actually, and I think Nic taped it all...

After that, we drank beer and talked technology, which is always fun!

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Dr Nic sa...

Its all taped and will be on GVideo later tonight.