lördag, december 30, 2006

I will present at JFokus

A few weeks ago I noted that Sun in Sweden announced on the JavaForum meetup that they were going to have a full day Java conference in January. This conference is called JFokus and will have 4 different tracks with 4 speakers on each track. I will feature in one of these tracks, talking about testing Java code with JRuby and RSpec, and also how to build a DSL for doing database integration testing using Ruby. I believe it will be very interesting, and the rest of the day looks incredible nice too.

So, if you're in Sweden, Jan 30:th, look into it!

More information can be found at the official site: http://www.jfokus.se/.

2 kommentarer:

Ivan Tarasov sa...

Are you going to talk in English or in Swedish? I'm thinking of visiting a conference, but there is not much information for English-speaking visitors on the site. Is it worth visiting if one does not speak Swedish?

Ola Bini sa...

Ivan: If you're not Swedish-speaking, I don't think you would get enough out of the event. As far as I can see, most presentations will be in Swedish (including mine).