onsdag, december 19, 2007

ThoughtWorks is looking at Sweden

I am not sure how well it comes across in my blog posts, but joining ThoughtWorks have been the best move of my life. I can't really describe what a wonderful place this is to be (for me at least). I sometimes try - in person, after a few beers - but I always end up not being able to capture the real feeling of working for a company that is more than a company.

I'm happy at being with ThoughtWorks. It's as simple as that - I feel like I've found my home.

So imagine how happy I am to tell you that ThoughtWorks is exploring opportunities for an office in Sweden!

Now, I am one of the persons involved in this effort, and we have been talking about it for a while (actually, we started talking about it for real not long after I joined). But now it's reality. The first trips to Sweden will be in January. ThoughtWorks will be sponsoring JFokus (which is shaping up to be a really good conference, by the way. I'm happy to have been presenting there the first year). We will have a few representatives at JFokus, of course. I will be there, for example. =)

Of course, exploring Sweden is not the same thing as saying that an office will actually happen. But we think there are good reasons to at least consider it. I personally think it would be a perfect fit, but I am a bit biased about it.

So what are we doing for exploration? Well, of course we have started to look into business opportunities and possible clients. We are looking at partnerships and collaboration. We are looking at potential recruits. But really, the most important thing at this stage is to talk to people, get a feeling for the lay of the land, get to know interesting folks that can give us advice and so on. And that is what our travels in January will be about.

So. Do you feel you might fit any of the categories of people above? We'd love to meet you and talk - very informally. So get in touch.

This is exciting times for us!

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

omg do it! do it now!

Kumaresan sa...

go ahead..I am ready to join u @ sweden :-)

Anonym sa...

Personally, I would have prefered that ThoughtWorks explores France... ;-)
Is there a chance for that?