söndag, december 09, 2007


Tomorrow I'm going to JavaPolis - me and Charles are presenting on JRuby on Rails on Wednesday. We'll be there the whole week so if you wanna get in touch, don't hesitate. We're aiming to taste many nice Belgian beers.

Except for that, it's actually quite quiet right now. There are some things in the works which will soon be announced, though.

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Kurt Tuys sa...

Nice talk today Ola!
It certainly encouraged me to give JRuby a try. Maybe I even start testing java code (like you advised) at work, so I can persuade my boss :)

The interacting with Charles also worked very well. Maybe you guys must start considering standup comedy :)

Are you going to post your slides in the coming days? That would be greatly appreciated.

Enjoy our great bears! I recommend Duvel (=dutch dialect for devil), but watch out, it's rather strong. It can turn you into a devil, if you drink too much of it :)

Greetings from Belgium!

Anonym sa...

Yes it was very interesting and funny.

I had already try some Ruby some months ago, but I confess that I will try again this night :)

Anonym sa...

Nice BOF yesterday! Always nice to see the people behind the code and the book.

Especially the live bugfixing (damn you Tom ;-) was nice!