fredag, december 28, 2007

JtestR 0.1 released

If people have wondered, this is what I have been working on in my spare time the last few weeks. But now it's finally released! The first version of JtestR.

So what is it? A library that allows you to easily test your Java code with Ruby libraries.


JtestR 0.1 is the first public release of the JtestR testing tool. JtestR integrates JRuby with several Ruby frameworks to allow painless testing of Java code, using RSpec, Test/Unit, dust and Mocha.

  • Integrates with Ant and Maven
  • Includes JRuby 1.1, Test/Unit, RSpec, dust, Mocha and ActiveSupport
  • Customizes Mocha so that mocking of any Java class is possible
  • Background testing server for quick startup of tests
  • Automatically runs your JUnit codebase as part of the build
Getting started:

Ola Bini -
Anda Abramovici -

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Anonym sa...

Ola - you're amazing! - where do you find the time?