tisdag, oktober 09, 2007

In favor of Ruby

Chad Wathington recently posted on the official ThoughtWorks Studios blog a post called Many Facets of Ruby. I would like to expand on some of the points on it, and how I see it. To be sure, what is posted on the TW Studios blog is the "official" ThoughtWorks views - whereas what I write in this blog is purely my own opinions, with no relationship to ThoughtWorks at all.

The point Chad writes about is that ThoughtWorks lately have been talking a lot about JRuby, in such a way that it's easy to get the impression that we as a company have chosen one implementation over the others. As Chad writes, that's not correct.

I've probably done the same thing in my blog. Obviously, I really like JRuby and hope it will work out well. I really like Rubinius effort and I predicted a while back that Rubinius may take over after MRI as the standard C Ruby implementation. But that doesn't mean I'm not interested in the the other approaches around. MRI and YARV definitely has strong points going for them (MRI and JRuby are still the only fully working implementations of Ruby). But when IronRuby, XRuby, Rubinius, YARV, Garden Points and Cardinal is more complete, the Ruby environment will be that much richer for it.

I'm not in this game for a specific implementation. I would use Ruby no matter if there was a JRuby or not. It's just that JRuby solves some of my problems, and allows me to hack on something that I know a segment of the Ruby user group will find useful. I'm in this for the language. I have chosen Ruby as my language, but the language is the same over the implementations. And it's going to be really exciting in the Ruby space the next few months.

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Anonym sa...

Its great that Ruby is gaining more implementations - it can only do good. The only thing missing (which Rubinius seems to be working on) is a real spec.

If we have one implementation that's easy to understand, and one high performance, and one with easy integration into existing _enterprise_ applications, and one geared towards embedded systems, and so on, we'll have a lot to play with :)