onsdag, oktober 10, 2007

Announcing JRuby/LDAP

I have just released JRuby/LDAP, a new project within JRuby-extras, that aim to be interface compatible with Ruby/LDAP. That is, if you have a Ruby project written for Ruby/LDAP, you should be able to run it on JRuby without any changes.

This is a first release and some of the more obscure functionalities haven't been added yet.

Installation is easy:
jruby -S gem install jruby-ldap
If you're interested in the source, it's available on RubyForge, within the JRuby-extras project.

JRuby/LDAP uses JNDI to achieve nice LDAP access. You can also use standard Java ways (i.e. jndi.properties) to change the LDAP access implementation.

The code is BSD licensed.

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Do you ever sleep?

stefankohler sa...

We're using ruby-net-ldap within our project and it seems to work within a jruby environment (packed in a war, deployed on tomcat)

I didn't managed to get it working through JNDI, so thats an improvement. What else is a diffence in jruby/ldap and net/ldap? (In other words, why should I switch)

Steve Molitor sa...


Ruby-net-ldap is pure Ruby so I'm guessing it would work fine in JRuby with no mods. ruby-ldap uses a C extension so the C stuff would have to be ported to Java, as Ola did.

Maybe ldap is faster than ruby-net-ldap? I'm also using ruby-net-ldap though;.