torsdag, oktober 11, 2007

Grails eXchange, QCon SF and OpenWorld

It seems conference season is just coming up for me. I'll actually not be presenting at any of these events - just attending, being marketing and so on. First of, I'll run around at Grails eXchange in London next week as official ThoughtWorks representative. That is bound to be interesting.

I'll also attend QCon in San Francisco from 5th to 9th November. Directly following that I'll also be at Oracle's OpenWorld event from 11th November to 15th November. I'll have a fair amount of spare time in the evenings during the two weeks in San Francisco, so if anyone want to have a beer and discuss geeky things, feel free to mail me. Also, if anyone is interested in JRuby, I'm more or less always available to do talks on things like that.

Later on, I'll also be at JavaPolis in Antwerp, Belgium, in December.

See you out there.

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Anonym sa...

Hello Ola,

I have a jvYaml question. Where can I send my question, to have someone hopefully assist me?

Thank you
Zenaan (zen AT- freedbms DOT- net)