söndag, juni 17, 2007

First weeks at ThoughtWorks

I've finally started. I've finally moved to London. I've been working for two weeks at ThoughtWorks now, and it's been quite crazy. Everything is very nice and I'm having loads of fun. Of course, it's also lots of hard work, and I feel that I'm stretching my capacity considerably more than I ever did at Karolinska Institutet. That's great, and I feel that I'm really doing something real now. We have so many interesting things going on, and I wish I could tell you all about it.

What I can tell you is that I'm working quite much on Mingle, and I'm also spending time on other JRuby related issues. I've been planning on getting SQL Server and Oracle working as good as possible with AR-JDBC, and I've spent time on Derby performance. Hopefully I'll continue the database work this week, since especially SQL Server and Oracle is very important.

The most important work for this week is probably to prepare for TheServerSide in Barcelona. I still haven't had time to prepare my demos, so it's about time now. I hope to see many of you there.

In conclusion, my first weeks at ThoughtWorks have been awesome. I really like the pople, and everything is just neat. I like being able to walk to work and working in the very nice TW office on High Holborn. I'm very happy about it all.

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winnetou sa...

It usually is very nice at first. The more you work, the more you see and after couple of years you can see many problems which you could not see before. Every company has own problems, there is no perfect company. From my experience, the problems are just changing and are usually different. Keep up good work on JRuby. BTW: I havent found a good way to run standard ruby and JRuby concurrently. I mean if I add both to class path and I type: gem, then which gem is used, the one from JRuby or the one from Ruby? It seems to be ambigous but I guess the same problem is when you have two JVM's