söndag, juni 03, 2007

Finally in London

Yesterday I landed in London, and let me tell you: it's been tough getting here. Packing and moving and arranging all takes lots of time and energy. And it's not helping being sick while pulling it off, either. But I'm finally here, and right now sitting at a hotel room in Holborn, close to Russel Square. Hopefully I'll be able to land an apartment soon too, and then I'll get back to my former speed, hopefully.

In the meantime, tomorrow is my first day at ThoughtWorks. It's bound to be interesting, but I don't expect any downtime. We have so many interesting things going, that it will be full speed ahead from day one.

Although I'm more tired than I should be, if someone feels like meeting up this or next week for a beer and talk JRuby, it would be fun.

4 kommentarer:

Michael Foord sa...

Hey - congratulations on your arrival.

I'd love to meet up for a beer sometime. On Monday I'll fins out if any of the Resolver guys are free and maybe we can arrange a celebration!

Anonym sa...

Welcome to London! It's a good time of year to arrive. I keep missing the LRUG meetings but when I've made it it's been fun. Hopefully we can meet there at some point too.

Unknown sa...

Kul att du kommit fram till London, lycka till på TW. Jag har inga Londonresor inplanerade i dagsläget, RailsConf Europe i höst och/eller JAOO.

Anonym sa...

Good luck! It should be fun working there.

Bit of a long shot, but are you making it to Yahoo Hack Day in a couple of weeks? ;-)