torsdag, juni 28, 2007

First two days of TSSJS

It has been two long days; not because I've been going to sessions all day long, but because I've reworked my presentations quite heavily. But now both the BOF and the TS are finished, and I think they went well. I had to keep the level to Ruby, JRuby and Rails introductionary material, though, since most developers here didn't seem to know what is possible with these technologies.

But it's been great; I've gotten good feedback and had some really interesting conversations with lots of people.

We have been doing the town each night, and I've found that I like Barcelona very much. Except for the food: this country doesn't seem to be good for vegetarians at all. Very annoying. I'm going for beer and wine instead of food the rest of the week. =)

One day left, though, and it's bound to be nice. Me and Martin are both on a developers panel about the state of programming languages in 2020; I have no idea what to say, and I'm thinking about just ad-libbing it. I know my own position in these questions fairly well, and the current Yegge-debate have made my opinions even more explicit.

But now it's time to see the town again.

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Anonym sa...

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Anonym sa...

Next time you stay in Barcelona, you may want to pay a visit to Juicy Jones, the food is great, tasty, vegan... and so cheap!