tisdag, april 03, 2007


RedCloth is cool. SuperRedCloth is cooler, faster, nicer, and all in all such a treat. And it works on JRuby now. At the time of writing, I haven't really wired together a gem of it yet, but I hope to get it done soon. Until then, if you want to try this, you can download the necessary jar-file from http://opensource.ologix.com/superredcloth_scan.jar, install the (very small) SuperRedCloth lib-file into your JRuby, add the superredcloth_scan.jar into your site_ruby for JRuby and everything should be set to go. Be warned, this requires a very recent trunk version of JRuby (something like newer than April 1:st).

SuperRedCloth is another of those nice Ragel based libraries. I'm finding Ragel such a joy to work with; just change the few C-thingies into Java-thingies and everything works exactly the same. Neat.

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