onsdag, april 11, 2007

Can your Ruby do this?

Recipe (should be baked with Java 6 for maximum pleasure):
  1. Take one large Rails application with good Selenium test base
  2. Convert database configuration to use JDBC
  3. Start a selenium proxy with "jake test:selenium_proxy"
  4. Start acceptance testing from another window with "jake test:acceptance"
  5. In yet another window, write "jconsole"
  6. Choose your application
What do you get?

You get this for free, just by running JRuby with Java 6. You can attach to any Java process at all. Remotely too. And get this kind of information. Can your Ruby do that?

4 kommentarer:

Tim O'Brien sa...

Perfect, absolutely perfect.

Dr Nic sa...

I don't think my ruby does this. :(

PS. What's with the Swedish blog theme? :)

Dr Nic sa...

re: swedish - I think its localised to me, not you as Jay Fields' blog is now being surrounded by Blogger in swedish too :(

Unknown sa...

You can do this with Java 5 as well, in either case (5 or 6) though you need to start your java app with the "-Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote" command line argument, otherwise JConsole won't be able to connect to it.