måndag, augusti 06, 2007

JRuby presentation at javaBin in Norway

Next week I'm coming to Norway to do two presentations at the Java User Groups in Bergen and Oslo. I will visit Bergen on the 15th, and Oslo on the 16th. I will have 2x45 minutes to talk, so there will lots of time for interesting detours, and hopefully some discussion too. If you're in the area, do show up! More information about the Oslo evening can be found here: http://www4.java.no/web/show.do?page=42;7&appmode=/showReply&articleid=5447.

After Norway I'm going to Sweden. I'll be in Gothenburg for a few days, Malmö a few more, and then stop by in Stockholm the 23rd to 26th. I'm not going to present while there, though. It's purely recreational.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Great! Looking forward to seeing you in Oslo.

Aslak Hellesøy sa...

Bra Ola! Skal bli hyggelig å treffes igjen.