torsdag, augusti 09, 2007

NetBeans Ruby support

It's very nice. Each time I get an update from Tor Norbye's blog with screenshots from the NetBeans Ruby support I see a new interesting feature. What I saw this time (here) was that the gotcha from my entry called "Ruby is hard" can now be detected by NetBeans. It's not really too hard, since NetBeans have the parse trees. But it's still a very nice feature to have in your editor.

But I ain't switching from Emacs yet...

3 kommentarer:

Charles Oliver Nutter sa...

You should help Tom complain about NetBeans problematic Emacs keybindings.

Markus Jais sa...

I recently switched from XEmacs to
Netbeans :-)

so far I do not want to go back. (still using XEmacs for C, C++ and Python).

Andrew Law sa...

So what would make you change Ola? Tor mentioned in the latest Java Posse (#136) that one goal he was working towards was getting Charles (from the Drunk and Retired podcast) off TextPad. Maybe if you post, Tor'll step up to the mark (he seems to like the challenge)

Keep up the great posts.