måndag, oktober 09, 2006

JRuby presentation in Malmö

It is now final that I will be presenting JRuby at JavaForum in Malmö, the 30:th October. There is more information available at www.javaforum.se.

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venkat sa...

Dear Ola:

Thanks for the blog. I find your blog to be quite useful both on the JRuby side as well as the meta programming side.

One small suggestion. It would be useful to see the list of labels on your main page layout to easily view and select labels.


Steve Yegge sa...

I wish I could be there to see the presentation. Good luck!

I have such high hopes for JRuby. No, no, higher than that. Keep going. A liiiiittle higher... more... more... yeah. Right there. Now multiply that by 10. That's how high my hopes are. :-)



Anonym sa...

You've got to be kidding.. You are, aren't you ??

DJ Perth Drop by and visit us some time..