lördag, oktober 21, 2006

JRuby 0.9.1 released

We in the JRuby team are proud to announce the release of JRuby 0.9.1.

Download: http://dist.codehaus.org/jruby/.

This release contains numerous new features, fixes and improvements:
  • Overall performance is 50-60% faster than JRuby 0.9.0
  • Improved Rails support
  • New syntax for including Java classes into Ruby
  • New interpreter design
  • Refactoring of method dispatch, code evaluation, and block dispatch code
  • Parser performance enhancement
  • Rewriting of Enumerable, StringScanner and StringIO in Java
  • New experimental syntax for implementing interfaces
  • 86 Jira issues resolved since 0.9.0
This past months have been great for JRuby, and I know that it will get even better from now on. My personal goal for 0.9.2 is to have complete Java YAML support in, and a working OpenSSL library. Obviously, all bugs should be fixed too... =)

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Hung Huynh sa...

Congratulations. I use JRuby intensively and have encountered some weird bugs with symbols and exit code, and speed. JRuby 0.9.1 is a highly anticipated release. Thanks again for the great job.