tisdag, november 27, 2007

ThoughtWorks calling Ruby developers in San Francisco

Friends! ThoughtWorks is hiring Ruby developers all over the world, but right now San Francisco is the hottest place to be. So if you're located in the Bay Area and want to work with Ruby and Rails, don't hesitate to make contact.

The time since I joined ThoughtWorks about 6 months ago have been the best of my life, and of all our offices around the world, I like the San Francisco one best. ThoughtWorks is really the home for people passionate about development and people who love Ruby.

If you have been following my blog, you know about Oracle Mix and other interesting things we have been doing out of the SF office. And there's more to come - exciting times!

Could ThoughtWorks in San Francisco be your home? Take contact with recruiting here: http://www.thoughtworks.com/work-for-us/apply-online.html, or email me directly and I'll see to it that your information gets to the right place!

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Joshua Graham sa...

San Fran rocks, but you haven't been to Sydney yet!