tisdag, april 24, 2007

JRuby 0.9.9 released

The JRuby team is happy to announce that 0.9.9 has now been released. This release have seen much focus on compatibility with Ruby 1.8, and also making the Java Integration features more solid. We are gearing up for a 1.0-release, and 0.9.9 should be pretty close to what you can expect from 1.0, so now is the time to start testing your applications on JRuby in earnest.

Homepage: http://www.jruby.org/
Download: http://dist.codehaus.org/jruby/

Some of the most important points of this release:
  • Major compatibility and performance overhaul of String, Array, Hash
  • Many YAML and Marshalling issues have been fixed
  • Java Integration overhaul fixing many outstanding issues
  • 180 Jira issues resolved
  • Several more bottlenecks removed
  • Rails applications like Mephisto and plugins like Goldberg are running without hitches
  • Performance has improved by 40% over 0.9.8 based on YARV benchmarks
In response to all the things that needs doing before 1.0, we have decide to add two new committers to the team. Marcin Mielżyński and Bill Dortch have both done some incredibly nice things for the JRuby project, and we're very happy about them joining up as core developers.

In conjunction with 0.9.9, Rails-integration will see a new release, that improves many parts of it. Since we've actually started using Rails-integration in more places, we have also noticed things that need to be improved; the new release is very good.

ActiveRecord-JDBC 0.2.4 will also be released very soon. We have made some major changes, and much of the core have been rewritten. These changes make MySQL fully compatible with ActiveRecord, and we are working hard on improving support for other databases. Hopefully, the 0.2.4 release will mean Derby support is more or less complete too.

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Matt sa...

Thanks for all the great work you guys are doing, this is a very exciting project to follow. I've been following your changes on svn over the last few weeks and am very impressed with all the progress you've made. Your project will be making a lot of peoples' lives easier (mine included).

Markus Jais sa...

you guys rock. thanks for all the amazing work. the combination of Ruby and Java will be very powerful.

do you know if anyone is working on Netbeans Matisse GUI Builder generating Ruby code ?