måndag, augusti 07, 2006

Some JRuby tidbits

I've spent some time this weekend taking a look at various JRuby issues.

  • Camping:
    The most interesting was trying to get Camping to work. Camping is a microframework for certain kinds of web applications. Very neat, but uses lots of Ruby tricks to function. As such it's a really good test of JRuby capabilities, but it's quite hard to debug. I have got it working really good for basic applications, in the process finding a bug in our Hash#[] implementation that fortunately was easy to fix. But today I've unearthed something really hairy. The test case demands two classes with two methods each, and it's some really strange block tweaking that happens. I hope Charlie is up to the challenge. Markaby (which Camping uses), needs this functionality to work.
  • Mongrel:
    I've started to take a serious look at the Mongrel support. Danny's work on the parser seems really great, so I've added basic JRuby integration to our Subversion, and plan to try getting it to work with Mongrel-0.4 later on today.
  • ActiveRecord-JDBC:
    Last week I added some Oracle functionality to it, but this still needs some work. I'm thinking that we need to factor out some driver-specific functionality soon. Anyway, I released the a version 0.0.1-gem so that people easily can use what functionality we have.
  • JvYAML:
    I've finally begun writing on the Emitter in ernest again. I hope to have most of it finished by Friday, before I go on vacation.
Expect a tutorial on using JRuby and Camping together very soon; hopefully tomorrow. And in a few days after, maybe we can showcase a functional Mongrel in JRuby too?

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