lördag, juli 22, 2006

InPlaceEditor with Autocompletion.

Since the AJAX controls in Rails are so neat, and the InPlaceEditor is probably the neatest since it's so easy and useful, I immediately decided to start fixing one small feature I needed/wanted very much. That is, autocompletion on InPlaceEditor-fields. So, I've created a plugin that does this. It was actually much easier than I thought, since the prototype JavaScript library makes JavaScript almost pain-less to work with. Not quite nice, but not bad either.

Anyway, it's dead simple to use, do it like you've done it with InPlaceEditor and you'll be find. More information can be found here (I've finally convinced my employer to host a place where we can release open source, so it can be seen that KI actually supports open source). The Subversion path is: http://svn.ki.se/rails/plugins/in_place_completer.

Much joy!

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