tisdag, juni 06, 2006

Announcing JvYAML.

I am pleased to announce JvYAML, version 0.1. JvYAML is a Java YAML 1.1 loader that is both easy to extend and easy to use. JvYAML originated in the JRuby project (http://jruby.sourceforge.net), from the base of RbYAML (http://rbyaml.rubyforge.org). For a long time Java have lacked a good YAML loader and dumper with all the features that the SYCK using scripting communities have gotten used to. JvYAML aims to rectify this.

Of major importance is that JvYAML works the same way as SYCK, so that JRuby can rely on YAML parsing and emitting that mirrors C Ruby.
JvYAML is a clean port of RbYAML, which was a port from Python code written by Kirill Simonov for PyYAML3000.

Simple usage:
import org.jvyaml.YAML;

Map configuration = (Map)YAML.load(new FileReader("c:/projects/ourSpecificConfig.yml"));
List values = (List)YAML.load("--- \n- A\n- b\n- c\n");
There is also support for more advanced loading of JavaBeans with automatic setting of properties with the use of domain tags in the YAML document.

More information:
At java.net: http://jvyaml.dev.java.net

Download: https://jvyaml.dev.java.net/servlets/ProjectDocumentList

JvYAML is distributed with the MIT license.

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