lördag, maj 20, 2006

JavaOne, last day.

So. The last day of JavaOne is always a strange experience. Most people are often to tired to stand straight after 3 really intense days of information gathering and people interactions. Personally, I was to tired to go to all sessions, but I managed the general session with Gosling and McNealy, the Mustang scripting session and the one about writing good API's.

All three were worthwhile. Gosling showcased some really amazing toys, as usual. The Mustang scripting session was interesting, mostly so because it seems they've ripped some parts of the Rhino JavaScript engine out, for some reason.

The best session today was the one on writing good API's, though. It had som really interesting advice and tips about API design. Basically you should apply the same rules as when you're doing UI design.

After this, I went to the JRuby meetup, where we sat around talking for a few hours, until I felt the need to go home and pack. JRuby is really on the go now, we have momentum and some really cool stuff almost finished. Stay tuned.

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