måndag, augusti 25, 2008

ThoughtWorks Sweden is available

I would like to announce that ThoughtWorks Sweden is now in motion. We have business cards and an office. Everyone is returning from their long lovely Swedish summer vacations.

This means that ThoughtWorks Sweden is ready, and available for work. If you or your business have a project you need help with, don't hesitate to contact me (at obini@thoughtworks.com) or Marcus Ahnve (at mahnve@thoughtworks.com).

We are located in Stockholm, but we are open for work anywhere in the Nordic regions.

So what kind of work are we most suited for? Our sweet spot is in delivery and technical advisory regarding Java, Ruby and JRuby. And if you're interested in understanding how our Agile approach can change your company, we can do organizational transformation projects and also coaching and advisory.

Don't hesitate to get in touch!

4 kommentarer:

Mats Henricson sa...

Welcome! So, where is your office?

Ola Bini sa...

Thanks. We are at Master Samuelsgatan 60!

Anonym sa...

thanks...where's your office??

Anonym sa...

to serranoboy, Master Samuelsgatan 60