söndag, juni 15, 2008

JtestR 0.3 Released

JtestR allows you to test your Java code with Ruby frameworks.

Homepage: http://jtestr.codehaus.org
Download: http://dist.codehaus.org/jtestr

JtestR 0.3 is the current release of the JtestR testing tool. JtestR integrates JRuby with several Ruby frameworks to allow painless testing of Java code, using RSpec, Test/Unit, Expectations, dust and Mocha.

- Integrates with Ant, Maven and JUnit
- Includes JRuby 1.1, Test/Unit, RSpec, Expectations, dust, Mocha and ActiveSupport
- Customizes Mocha so that mocking of any Java class is possible
- Background testing server for quick startup of tests
- Automatically runs your JUnit and TestNG codebase as part of the build

Getting started: http://jtestr.codehaus.org/Getting+Started

The 0.3 release has focused on stabilizing Maven support, and adding new capabilities for JUnit integration.

New and fixed in this release:
JTESTR-47 Maven with subprojects should work intuitively
JTESTR-42 Maven dependencies should be automatically picked up by the test run
JTESTR-41 Driver jtestr from junit
JTESTR-37 Can't expect a specific Java exception correctly
JTESTR-36 IDE integration, possibility to run single tests
JTESTR-35 Support XML output of test reports

Ola Bini - ola.bini@gmail.com
Anda Abramovici - anda.abramovici@gmail.com

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