fredag, augusti 17, 2007

My presentation from JavaBin

If someone is interested in the presentation I did at javaBin in Bergen and Oslo, it can be found here.

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Anonym sa...

Why if Ruby has so much problems & restrictions we should use it instead of Groovy? It's a JSR, there is Grails(which is built upon Spring & Hibernate), it has better Java integration(annotations & generics), IntelliJ IDEA has built-in support for it.

Markus Jais sa...

Ruby also has a lot of advantages. check out a good Ruby book.
and for IDE support: the current Ruby support in the Netbeans 6 is just awesome.

I use both Ruby and Groovy. none is better than the other.

Anonym sa...

Hi Ola,

I have picked some nice stuff from you presentation, hope you can excuse me. I am starting a new department I dk on agile languages and we are going live soon.

See you in Berlin!