fredag, mars 16, 2007


I have resigned from my position at Karolinska Institutet. Instead, I will work for ThoughtWorks. I am extremely excited about this, obviously. I will start in London in the beginning of June. I'll stay in London for 6 months and then move to the San Francisco office.

As you may know, ThoughtWorks is doing lots of Ruby projects in the enterprise and are really helping spread Ruby to the masses. And that's what I will be working with. Ruby and JRuby for ThoughtWorks.

What's more, I will be doing development on the JRuby core at ThoughtWorks!

As an aside, I would like to mention two very interesting things that TW have announced very recently. First, CruiseControl.rb, which looks very nice, and secondly, Mingle. Both of these products have great potential.

I'm just so excited about this!

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Tim sa...

Hey, congrats Ola! And congrats thoughtworks. -Tim Bray

Dylan Bruzenak sa...

Congrats! I was starting to wonder when you'd let us in on what was going on. They are lucky to have you.

Do you have an idea of how much time you will be devoting to JRuby yet?

Ola Bini sa...

tim: Thanks!, I'm very excited about it. Hopefully we will have some opportunity to cooperate. (Cyndi will be my boss... =)

dylan: Actually, you only know half of it yet. I have something else going on too. That will go public in about 2 weeks, I think. I don't know exactly how much time. It won't be full time, but I suspect I will be able to put some serious time on it, though.

zheng sa...


Why do you choose Thoughtworks?

Vasudev Ram sa...

Congrats. Hope to see more interesting Ruby articles from you ...

Vasudev Ram

Anonym sa...

Hey Ola. Welcome to ThoughtWorks.

Sur Max sa...

Hi Ola,
Congratulations for joining ThoughtWorks.
It will be really great for thoughtworks ;-)

best wishes..