tisdag, september 12, 2006

My London Schedule

Tomorrow evening (Wednesday), me and my colleagues will land in London for RailsConfEU. It will be a hectic time but I'm counting on many interesting presentations. I will post my current schedule here, so people interested in saying hi can know where I will be.

  • Arrival: We land at Heathrow airport 20:15 GMT. This means I will not be at Pizza on Rails (sadly enough).
  • Thursday: RailsConf starts. I'm planning on attending sessions all day from 8:30 to 20:30. I'm not sure exactly which ones yet, but there are many interesting ones (and some conflicting). I plan on looking at David Black's talk on Database Engineering and Eleanor McHugh's session on Camping (since I have a special interest in Camping). Ugo Cei's talk on Ruby for Java will be most interesting too.
  • Thursday evening: A friend will show me the night life in London.
  • Friday morning: I'm planning on going to the plenary session but I won't go to the first sessions after that.
  • Friday lunch time: Lunch and an hour of sightseeing with Meg.
  • Friday afternoon: I'm not sure which sessions to go to. I'm a little bit mad about the planning that conflicts the four most interesting sessions at the same time. I'll go see Charlies JRuby-presentation, though.
  • Friday evening: We fly from Heathrow at 20:00 GMT, so, once again, we won't be able to go to the JRuby meet up.

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